I arrived at Bath Railway Station on the 09 Sep 1980 and was then put onto a white bus for transportation up to Azimghur Barracks, Colerne.


We were then shuffled into the NAAFI and met by the reception staff, The first question we were asked was a strange one “Do you play a musical Instrument?”  I answered no and was then told to move on and was later drafted into Gloucester Troop, 30 (JL) Squadron RCT.  


The strange question was explained later! It seemed the Band (57 Sqn) had first dibs!!


We marched (if you can call it that, I remember a guy called John Lock who had real trouble with marching) around in Tracksuits and DMS (Direct Moulded Sole) Boots for the first 6 weeks, whilst we broke our boots in and were taught by 2nd/3rd termers how to press (Iron) our kit.


We trained for a year at JLR it was a bit like Boarding School mixed with Cadets!  Everything we did was competitive, the aim was your squadron to be “Champion Squadron” for the passing out parades at the end of each 3rd term.


Particular Memories include “Church Parades” which you had to attend as the army was now responsible for our moral upbringing


Personalities:  WO1 (RSM) Turner - Swift (TS) who was a raving lunatic (I heard a rumour he was certified later)


 Cpl Mcleish - God he was hairy!!


 Sgt Bennett - Smashed many a Pace Stick teaching us drill


  Lt Nigel Start (Later to become Lt Col, I believe) He got more rollickings from the RSM than us!!


Anyway we were there for a reason which was:


Young men from the age of 16 were trained in a variety of the skills needed to enable them to become the future Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) of the Royal Corps of Transport this included Drill, RT (Regimental Training (SAA,NBC & Field craft) EL (External Leadership - Adventure Training) PT (lots of it!) Education (JAEC & EPC( MC & ACW). Basic driver training was done on simulators, car driver training to licence level and motorcycle training were undertaken here.


The Regiment consisted of:- 30 (Junior Leader) Squadron RCT, 57 (Junior Leader) Squadron RCT (the Band) and 90 (Junior Leader) Squadron RCT.



PS.   30 Squadron were Champion Squadron When I passed out and I still have the Flash to prove it!!!   





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